We're going to Party like it's 1599!

Shakespeare's Big Birthday - Sunday, 28 April, 2019.  3pm - 6pm. (ish!)

Our celebration of the bard's 400th sold out!  So we're doing it again in 2019!

2016 saw the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare's death.  So we thought we'd throw a big birthday celebration for the 403rd!  And you are invited!  It tours all the famous and not-so-famous places associated with the bard in London, starting on Borough High Street and ending up just north of the river, in Shakespeare's formal local boozer!  We'll see a few other famous literary, historic and filmic (Harry Potter!) places too!  The South Bank will be jumping with events by other organisations for St George's Day and the Queen's Birthday.  So meet the bard and some of his friends and celebrate their famous words and characters...

It's part tour, part performance and we visit some truly remarkable places.  Nick Hennegan, the award-winning writer and director is the host, because...  "It was Shakespeare that got me into professional theatre when I adapted Henry V for one person back in 1992.  Then I worked at Shakespeare's Globe for a while.  I've had a lot of success with Henry V - Lion of England, and my version of Hamlet, Hamlet-Horatio's Tale, with Sir Derek Jacobi,  so it'll be great fun sharing my artistic journey and having a quick toast or three to the bard!"

Tickets are limited so early booking is recommended!

If you can't make this date, check our our London Literary Pub Crawl weekly shows.